What are the priorities for the fund?
First and foremost, the fund is to be used to benefit the Northern Administrative District (NAD). Then, money will be granted to projects or initiatives that fall into the following categories: youth, education, health & wellness, and sports & recreation.
Who decides who gets money from the fund?
Six Rivers Fund is an independent non-profit corporation governed by a board of directors. Funding decisions are made by the board of directors based on the merit of applications and their alignment with Six Rivers Fund priorities.
Will there be regularly scheduled grant application deadlines?
We will accept applications all year, but funding decisions will be made twice per year—once in spring and once in the fall.
How many people are on the board of directors?
Initially, four. That number will increase as the fund grows.
How were the board of directors selected?

For the initial board of directors, one member was selected from each region (west, central, Athabasca and east). The board members have staggered terms, two directors have terms of three years, while the remaining two directors have two year terms. The intention is to build board capacity and avoid a complete turnover of representatives.

How much money are we talking about here, anyway?
Disbursements will be small in the first years as the capital builds within the trust. The Six Rivers Fund has $100,000 available for community projects in 2016. In consultation with northern leaders, Cameco and Orano have set a goal of $50 million for the trust fund to be achieved in the decades ahead.
Will Cameco and Orano have any say as to how funds are spent?
Does the fund let the provincial and federal governments give up their responsibilities to northern Saskatchewan?
No. The fund isn’t intended to replace government programs or be a substitute for government funding commitments.
Will the fund cover the whole cost of a project?
No. Successful applications to Six Rivers Fund will have at least 25% of the funding come from another source(s).
What’s the best time to meet and talk about the Six Rivers Fund?
An annual Six Rivers Fund members’ meeting is held every April. Everyone is welcome and is encouraged to attend.
Contact for details.